Infrastructure Projects

Reconstruction of water supply system in Tbilisi.

Water supply and sewage system in Tbilisi.

Elbakidze Passage in Tbilisi.

Enbankment segment from Elbakidze to Marx bridges, Tbilisi.

Construction of river bank stabilizatioin on the right enbankment of Mtkvari river in Tbilisi.

Expansion and planning of Leselidze street in Tbilisi.

Designing and planning road network from Railway station to a village in Sagarejo.

Reconstruction-Rehabilitation of river bank and adjacent residential and administrative buildings in Sagarejo.

Urban planning of Vake District in Tbilisi. (1927).

Didube bridge (with engineer Dididze) in Tbilisi. (1947)

Rustaveli square (1945).

Planning and designing microdistrict for multy-story houses in Ukraine.

Skyscrapper comprising a hotel, residential block and office premises in Tbilisi.