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History of the "Gia & Archil Kurdianis" family architectural dynasty goes back to 1898 when the Dynasty was founded by famous architect and engineer Grigol /Gigo/ Kurdiani (DoB 1873).

He initiated and started urban planning and engineering communication systems in Tbilisi and Kutaisi

In 1918 Gigo Kurdiani founded the Georgian Technical Society and was personally elected its Chairman

In 1919 Gigo signed the Act of Independence of Georgia.

In 1929 Gigo's son, Archil Kurdiani (DoB 1903) graduated the Tbilisi Polytechnical University together with his future spouce Ketevan (DoB 1905) and they became the first diplomised architects in Georgia.

Later on, in 2005 the Kurdiani family instituted a Prize for "The Best Diploma Work", annually awarded to graduate MA architects for their best diploma work.

In 1958 George  /Gia/ Kurdiani (DoB 1932) graduated the Architectural Department of the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in Georgia.

Gia, like his parents had been an author to numerous project designs. He worked in collaboration with his parents on some of these projects, including the reconstruction of the Dinamo Stadium, which was festively re-opened after its reconstruction in 1976

In 1965 another family member- Gia's son, Archil Kurdiani (DoB 1965) Junior joined the Kurdiani architectural dynasty, following his graduation of the Architectural Department at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1990. Archil Kurdiani Junior was honored to work together with his grandfather - Archil Kurdiani Senior and father Gia Kurdiani on a few project designs.

In 2006 the Father and Son, Gia and Archil Kurdianis were awarded the title of the Best Architect of the Year.

In 2008 Archil was nominated "The International Socrates Award Laureate for High Professional Achievements in The Spheres of Architecture, Economics and Business".

The year of 2009 was announced "the Year of the Kurdianis for Century-long Input in the Georgian Architecture and Special Contribution in its Development". Special Diploma was bestowed upon Archil Kurdiani's Family by the Georgian Union of Architects.

In 2011 George Kurdiani junior (DoB 1990), the son of Archil Kurdiani Junior joint the family Dynasty following his graduation of the Department of Architecture at the State Academy of Arts.

In 2011 George participated in an International Architectural Competition and was awarded "the Best Student's Project" prise for his project: "Mmedical Rehabilitation Centre in Tokyo, Japan".

In 2012 He joined the University of Liechtenstein, Master's Degree Programm in Architecture; Between 2013-2014 Giorgi completed Master's Degree Programm in Architecture via Erasmus at KU LEUVEN - Luca /Sint Lucas School of Art - Brussels/.

In 2014-2015 he returned to the University of Lichtenstein for the completion of his Master's Degree Programm in Architectural Design Theory.  

In 2013 Giorgi was awarded the Grand Prise Laureat of the International Architectural Competition. The best student project - Library in Villa Hadrian. - Italy.

In 2014 Giorgi was named a participant of Lichtenstein Exhibition in Venice / Biennale.

Between 2015 - 2021 Giorgi Has multiple realized projects among which are Chateau Artwine in Kakheti and  "Leila meskhi Tennis Academy", - The winner of International Architectural Competition as "the best realized project of 2017".   

The aggregate architectural contribution of the family, including Gigo, Archil the Senior, Ketevan, Gia, Archil the Junior and George the junior accounted for more than a hundred of project designs.