Across three centuries of architectural and design excellence, 6 generation of architects in the “Dynasty” have gained their reputation for developing design solutions for different architectural typologies. Among other traits of the Company, diversity is one of its strongest features best reflected in its works, weather it is types of buildings, nature of the projects, variety of clients, variety of designs and techniques, integration of technologies and innovations, etc.

Architecture is sustained by time as it leaves an imprint of development, enrichment and revitalization. Ever since its inception, the Dynasty has materialized over hundreds of projects.

Over these centuries the Dynasty has further evolved, grown, enriched and become sophisticated as it has perpetuated its imprint in architecture. Excellence and advancement are those major values that require constant nurturing and corroboration in order to be up-to-date and be capable of pacing up with the dynamism of the world. And these are those features that the Dynasty is most proud of.